Sunday, June 5, 2011

Melange des Idiots

Finally, at the haranguing of friends (JV), I'm posting the latest installment of dumb human parking (and other dumb human things).  Hope you enjoy wading through the pool of dopes.  I mean, really, how do some folks make it through life.  [note to self: teach JV how to re-size photos before emailing... my hosting server imploded and is now a growing black hole due to the size of his photos]

Yeah, I've caught this dude on film before (it's at work; note the nuclear fallout contamination-looking structures).  I like this image with the juxtaposition of the Benz in the background.  I wonder what this person is trying to accomplish by parking like this every day.  Door ding evasion?  The car is 25 years old for God sake!

These popped up in the men's rooms at work recently.  The FBI is going to come after you for flushing a hand towel?

Work lot again.  This car freaks me out on a couple of levels.  1. how can this Frankenstein's monster made out of five different cars be safe on the road?  2. If one is going to assemble a "custom" vehicle out of other cars, why make it look like this?  You should see it in real life.

This is what I call the "let's be friends" parking job - just nudging over the line a little to say, "hey, little motorcycle, what's your name?

This was our rental car when I went to Utah for a race.  I had to ride around in it for the whole weekend wearing the only jacket I had with me.  It was special.

The infamous heavy nose maneuver (notice he's also way off to the side too, thus managing the "quad space occupancy").  I normally avoid jokers who park like this but I had to park nose to nose with him in hopes that he may recognize what a moron he is.

These three gems of the van were sent to me by my friend, JV.  He has twins in a big stroller  and obviously couldn't get by this oblivious driver's parking job, so he did what any productive member of society would do: snap some photos and send them to his buddy to make fun of the "special" person.

Damn, just another two feet and he'd be on the grass - how cool would that be?!

Handicap.  Indeed.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Back

After a worldwide tour of promoting exceptional parking, I'm back with some more dumb humans...and their cars.

This in Colorado Springs via a covert staff member of Timespassenger.  Not to be bothered by spending 3 seconds to park within the diagonal spaces, this fella pulls straight in perpendicular to the provided lines and even appears to be a bit on the sidewalk...
I snapped this at work on my walk at lunch (yes, I work in an eastern block toxic plant).  This is a superb example of visualization.  The owner visualizes he has an expensive luxury car, when in reality it's a 23 year old piece of crap, and parks cock-eyed to avoid door dings.