Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blind Parking

Blind Parking
Tim Long

I was inspired by another blog dedicated solely to bad parking (I forget the name of the blog). I just started taking photos of poorly parked vehicles and had two in the first two days.

This dope almost got it right. How much more effort would it have been to back up and pull in straight? I guess he figured he has a lot of open space in his brain, so why not a lot of space for his jeep.

This is at a Chinese Restaurant. This guy was in such a hurry to get at the egg rolls that he not only parks exactly in the middle of TWO spots, but forgets to put up his tail gate. This is the type of guy who walks around proudly with his pants' fly down 'cause he's too busy to be bothered with details.

This isn't really parking related, but, HOLLY SHIT! I couldn't help snapping a photo of this highway pile-up waiting to happen. Only in the South. A Massachusetts Statey would have you pulled over and in cuffs for this.

Please feel free to email me photos (that YOU take) of people doing stupid things car-related. Should be pretty easy. footfeathers@gmail.com

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