Sunday, November 30, 2008


So, since moving to Colorado I must say the opportunity to capture idiots in cars and inane parking jobs is much more rare compared to the Southeast. I may have to pick up a new topic. I'm beginning to find humor in the activism I see here on a current basis. Not as much in Denver, but in Boulder, oh yeah. Just about every day I see great political bumper stickers or some sort of busy intersection signage and people displaying their beliefs and desires; everything from "Bush is a traitor" to "Cow poop is the energy of the future". I hope the last one doesn't catch on. Burning cow poop in a fireplace doesn't really set the same mood.

Anyhow, I simply have been re-assessing the peculiarities of my new area and will begin exploiting those soon, just like I did with the outrageous driving, parking and vehicle selection in the South.

Careful what you do in public. Someone may see you.
-Time's Passenger

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Ben said...

Those pictures of the 'parked' cars made me laugh.

Good work.